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The best gifts are waiting for you in Supernova Shopping Center! Supernova Gift Cards are ideal for year-round shopping frenzy and choosing a gift for your loved ones when you run out of time and ideas. The recipient can use them in 16 different Supernova Shopping centers in Slovenia.

Supernova Gift Cards are always the right choice.

You can buy the Gift Cards at the info points of selected Supernova shopping centres throughout Slovenia (Ljubljana Rudnik, Ljubljana Šiška, Kranj, Krško, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica, Ptuj, Maribor and Qlandia Kamnik), at the Gift Card machine at Supernova Nova Gorica or in our new online store!

The Supernova Gift Card can be used in 16 shopping centres and over 700 shops throughout Slovenia.

The Supernova Gift Card is available in physical or electronic form, in several SUPER motifs for all occasions and is valid for 4 years from the date of purchase. When making a purchase in the online store, you can also personalize the Gift Card with your own photo.

You can upload any amount of money between € 10 and € 300 (rounded to € 10), redeem the credit gradually, and easily check your balance at any time on the Gift Card webpage.

You can use the Supernova Gift card in most stores and bars in the Shopping Center. For detailed information on the verified payment method, go to the subpage of a particular store.

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